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Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Agency So Far

Here is a look at some of the top deals so far:

 1. Alan Flair, Washington, 33 yr old 2B, 3 years $19.9 million
Analysis - Career OPS of .822 for a 2B ain't bad. Still has the glove and range to play the position for a couple more seasons. Should be a good deal for two seasons and an OK one for one. About right.

2. Taylor Brown, Richmond, 31 yr old SP, 3 years $15.3 million, mutual option
Analysis - A very good deal. Essentially a two year deal, Brown will not decline at all and remains a strong middle of the rotation guy. One of the better SP deals out there.

3. Paulie Fox, Helena, 33 yr old SP, 4 years $24 million
Analysis - Brown and Fox are very similar SP's. The difference? One was signed early for his demands (Fox) and one was signed late for a reduced amount (Brown). The waiting game can pay off if you are patient, even for young(ish) SP's.

4. Marcus King, Buffalo, 30 yr old RP, 5 yrs $30 million
Analysis - Maddie's doesn't like Marcus and his career stats are underwhelming. meece is banking on a career turnaround. Probably some good years left, but his splits and pitches are nothing special.

5. Luis Azocar, Cleveland, 36 yr old SP, 3 yrs $18.6 million
Analysis - Louie Sugar has had a nice career with a career OPS allowed under .700. So-so intangibles make this a risky deal, but he should be a #1/#2 type this year, middle of the rotation next, and back of the rotation in year three.

6. Brian Paquette, Buffalo, 30 yr old RP, 5 yrs $38 million with a $6 million bonus
Analysis - meece must be sick of his bullpen! $68 million invested and Paquette is a much better buy than King. #1 RP on the market, Paquette is primed for an all-star season.

7. Peter O'Connor, Montreal, 32 yr old LF, 2 yrs $10.8 million with a mutual option
Analysis - This is how you do it, folks. The waiting game paid off for nhollan as he picked up this big bat while nobody was watching. Essentially a one year deal, nhollan can pick up the option if O'Connor's ratings hold firm, or decline and let a Type A walk.

8. Jesus Pineda, Washington, 32 yr old LF, 3 yrs $18.9 million
Analysis - Another deal that I like, although not as much as O'Connor. This former MVP should produce good value for kramer.

9. Tyson Lollar, Washington, 30 yr old CF, $43.3 million with a mutual option
Analysis - Along with Richmond and Buffalo, DC has been one of the biggest spenders in FA. There could be worse places to put your money than in Loller and his career .850 OPS in CF. he might get one more season in CF then have to move to 2B.

10. Bill Elster, Richmond, 35 yr old SP, 1 yr $5.1 million Analysis - Another very good SP deal for big spending Richmond. Elster was the #1 traditional SP on the market and he should deliver far more value than his contract.

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