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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Season 26 Preview - AL West

Season 25 Standings
1. St. Louis - 93- 69
2. Fresno - 89-73
3. Vancouver- 83-79
4. Salem- 82-80

Team previews
St. Louis
Additions - Alan SislerAndres ValentinDarrell Butler (promoted)
Subtractions - Archie HerznerAugie FrederickJ.C. Drew
Net Effect - negative
Status - rebuilding, but still competitive
Prediction - It would be very difficult for them to repeat as division champs in this very challenging division. A first to worst is possible, but they are more likely to finish 2nd.


Additions - Chip JamesWilson Simas
Subtractions - Al VazquezRyan BallJesus Pineda
Net Effect - neutral
Status - competing at all costs
Prediction - 1st or bust for the biggest spenders in 1530. A very good roster, but will it be enough in a very good division? My guess is yes.


Additions - George Koch
Subtractions - Omar SanchezGregory Stevenson
Net Effect - negative
Status - likely one year away, but may sneak in to playoffs
Prediction - A good team loaded with prospects, including the best SP prospect (and likely the most sought after player) in the game. One or two years away but still should be competitive. 3rd place


Additions -Warren Chase, Rico Soto
Subtractions - Robert Buck
Net Effect - positive
Status - likely the end of a competitive cycle
Prediction - Third oldest team in the AL is likely on the verge of being blown up. A good run of three playoff appearances should be followed by a second consecutive 4th place finish. Although SP's remain a strength, so a playoff appearance is still possible.

Cy Young Candidates - Hick ManningIvy Latham
MVP Candidates - Trenidad TrajanoMarshall Devereaux
ROY Lock - Bob Kirkland (if promoted)

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