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Monday, October 15, 2012

Season 26 Preview - AL North

AL North
Season 25 Standings
1. Montreal - 90-72
2. Salt Lake - 76-86
3. Toledo - 62-100
4. Cincinnati - 57-105

Team Previews

Arrivals - Peter O'ConnorRamon IrabuPhilip ColinJuan Delgado
Departures - Tyson LollarLouis SpenceNorm TuckerWarren Hogan
Net Effect - neutral
Status - Competing/Rebuilding, End of Dynasty?
Prediction - Another division title could be in the cards, but a 2nd place finish is more likely. Strong SP's should make up for a relatively weak offense. Henry Wise's health is the key.

Salt Lake City

Arrivals - Gustavo MeloPat ReganWillie StanleyIvan Walton (promoted), Benj Taylor (promoted)
Departures - Darron SpeierAngel Siqueiros
Net Effect - very positive
Status - Start of Dynasty
Prediction - It looks like this is the year that someone other than Montreal or Cincinnati wins the North. The last time that it happened was in Season 7! Amazing stat for a division that will be closely watched. Newly promoted Ivan the Terrible is a monster.


Arrivals - William Gray,
Departures - J.R. Beckett
Net Effect - neutral
Status - rebuilding
Prediction - A quiet offseason in Toledo will lead to another 3rd place finish.


Arrivals - none
Departures - Andy CarrGeorge WeaverAl LiraOswaldo Pizzaro
Net Effect - negative
Status - Rebuilding
Prediction - Could be the worst team in the AL. 4th place is guaranteed, although they are likely to pick up some quality FA's before the season starts.

Cy Young Watch - Sammy IglesiasHenry Murray
MVP Watch - Ivan WaltonHenry Wise
ROY Lock - Ivan Walton

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