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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Season 26 Preview - AL South

Season 25 Standings
1. Jacksonville - 105-57
2. Oklahoma City (Richmond) - 90-75
3. Monterrey (Florida) - 80-82
4. Charlotte - 74-88

Team Previews

Arrivals -Angel Siqueiros, Benito Melian, Dwight Humphries,
Departures -  Chip James, Wendell Reed, Adrian Simon
Net Effect - Neutral
Status - Win now mode
Prediction - 1st Place and the biggest threat to Boston for the right to represent the AL in the World Series.

Arrivals - Bill Elster, Edgar Johnson, Taylor Brown, Quinton Coghlan,
Departures - Bob Blum, Marcus King, Sammy Duran, Boots Munson
Net Effect - Positive
Status - Win now mode
Prediction - It should be a good battle for first in the division. My guess is that Richmond is edged by Jacksonville but makes the playoffs as the Wild Card 1.

Arrivals- Craig Harris
Departures - Woody King
Net Effect - negative
Status - no man's land
Prediction - In a spot where they should be a .500 team, but nowhere near winning the division. Some good pieces in the minors and should be rebuilding. Third would be best case scenario.

Arrivals- Vic Bonilla,
Departures - Stump Robinson
Net Effect - neutral
Status - competing
Prediction - Third. Good enough to be above .500, but not good enough to catch Richmond and Jacksonville.

Cy Young Watch - Timothy CrawfordRocky Hinch
MVP Watch - Davy MorenoDon Chen
ROY Lock - none

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