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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Season 26 Preview - NL East

Season 25 Standings
1. Chicago - 90-72
2. Buffalo - 77-85
3. Indianapolis - 68-94
4. Norfolk (Baltimore) - 61-101

Team Previews
Additions - Randall ScottEdgar VerasNate Stoddard
Subtractions - Luis AzocarBenji PulidoTom Wilkinson
Net Effect - positive
Status - competing
Prediction - A solid roster strengthened by the addition one of the best closers in the game. First place is expected.


Additions - Yorman MolinaYank SodowskyMarcus KingBrian Paquette
Subtractions - Slash Bierbrodt
Net Effect - very positive
Status - competing
Prediction - One of the most improved teams in the NL. Solid roster from top to bottom and a real contender. 1st or 2nd won't matter -  this team should make the playoffs.


Additions - Brook ThomasHector Guerrero,
Subtractions - Pat ReganWilson SimasYorman MolinaYank Sodowsky
Net Effect - negative
Status - rebuilding
Prediction - The re-build is in full force in Indy. Still, a well put together roster that should finish above .500, but that is likely good for 3rd in this division.


Additions - none
Subtractions - Rico Soto,
Net Effect - neutral
Status - no idea
Prediction - worst team in the NL, guaranteed 4th place.

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