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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Season 26 Preview - NL South

Season 25 Standings
1. Tampa Bay - 92-70
2. Houston - 89-73
3. Montgomery - 82-80
4. Memphis - 61-101

Team Previews

Tampa Bay
Additions - Del MartinB.C. VincenteHughie DavisPasqual Henriquez
Subtractions - Esmailyn CuetoWillie CedenoDean GilbertHunter BrownManny RamseyErv Johnstone
Net Effect - negative
Status - rebuilding and competing
Prediction - Looks like Tampa has one eye on rebuilding and one on making another playoff run. My guess is that they have just enough to hold off Houston and Montgomery for the division title.


Additions - none
Subtractions - Dave DarrYunel VidalJonathan Gload
Net Effect - negative
Status - rebuilding
Prediction - So who wants to win this division? Still has one of the best 1/2 SP punches in the game, but not good enough to make the playoffs. 3rd.


Additions - Yunel VidalAl BianucciTim Hollins (promoted)
Subtractions - Jae-Kuk HasegawaJose Segui
Net Effect - neutral
Status - Ken Daly dynasty is over
Prediction - Team will hit lefties but struggle vs. RHP's. Not enough to make any noise, but they could have just enough to win the division. In the end, though, 2nd is likely.


Additions - Victor OlmedaChad Witt (promoted)
Subtractions - Taylor Brown
Net Effect - neutral
Status - rebuilding
Prediction - This is the only team in the division that I feel confident about in terms of their finish and plans. They are rebuilding and will finish 4th. Unless they promote AAA talent, so maybe I'm not so sure after all!

Cy Young - Willis FloydDoug Dietz
MVP - Larry LemonMidre Cervantes
ROY Lock - Tim Hollins

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