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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Season 26 Preview - NL West

Season 25 Standings
1. Honolulu - 108-54
2. Helena - 95-67
3. Los Angeles - 77-85
4. San Francisco - 72-90

Team Previews
Additions - Randy ShelleyJ.C. DrewLorenzo Ordaz
Subtractions - Bingo O'DonnellBill Elster,
Net Effect - neutral
Status - competing
Prediction - Honolulu is one of the best at getting cheap vets to contribute. Not a flashy team, but they are always there at the end. Should not come close to 105 wins - 2nd place


Additions - Dean GilbertHunter BrownPaulie FoxAdrian Simon
Subtractions - Peter O'Connor
Net Effect - positive
Status - competing
Prediction - On paper, a better team than Honolulu. They should and will finish 1st.

Los Angeles

Additions - Sammy DuranRyan BallCy Tolar
Subtractions - Harry TavarezKenny Evans
Net Effect - positive
Status - competing
Prediction - A very good team coming off of a down year. A tough division at the moment, and 2nd appears to be the best case scenario with 3rd more likely.

San Francisco

Additions - Furio Jennings
Subtractions - Todd Frey
Net Effect - neutral
Status - rebuilding and competing
Prediction - A good team but not good enough in this division. 4th is likely, with a 3rd place finish and a .500 record a realistic goal.

Cy Young - Angel Palmeiro, Art Wingo
MVP - Zachrey Betancourt, Jose Martinez
ROY Lock - Cy Tolar

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