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Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Rankings - Week 3

1. Boston TEA PARTIERS (38-14) Prev #3 - A 15-4 week returns Boston to the top spot.They are  5th in batting, 1st in pitching, and 1st in fielding. 2-2 vs Top 10 for the week.

2. Richmond Rampage (39-13) Prev #1 - 12-8 for the week drops them a spot. 1st in batting, 4th in pitching, and 3rd in fielding. 3-3 vs Top 10 for the week.

3 . Helena Hustle (39-13) Prev #2 - The best team in the NL was 14-5 for the week and has closed the gap on the two AL teams. 4th in batting, 2nd in pitching, and 12th in fielding. 2-1 vs Top 10.

4. Kansas City Crusaders (38-14) Prev #4 - A 16-4 week keeps the Crusaders in the same spot and increases the lead of the Top 4 over the field. 2nd in batting, 3rd in pitching, below average in fielding. 2-1 vs Top 10.

5. Jacksonville TIMUCUAN'S (37-15) Prev #10 - On an amazing run, including 17-3 for the week.   10th in batting, 9th in pitching, 4th in fielding. 3-0 vs Top 10 for the week.

6. Salt Lake City Mormons (32-20) Prev #7 - Inching closer to the Top 5 with another solid 13-7 week.  6th in batting, 10th in pitching, and above average in fielding. 5-2 vs. Top 10 teams.

7. Chicago Black Sox (34-18) Prev #5 - A surprising drop, especially considering the 12-7 week. 9th in batting, 12th in pitching, 11th in fielding. 1-2 vs Top 10.

8. Washington DC Secret Agents (29-23) - Prev #9 - Their 12-8 week might be the most impressive of all Top 10 teams. 7th in batting, 13th in pitching, below average in the field. 5-8 vs Top 10 teams for the week - the schedule should get easier and they should climb the rankings.

9. Fresno Fire (27-25) Prev #9 - Another average week keeps the Fire on the brink of being dropped. 13th in batting, 6th in pitching, and below average in the field. 5-8 vs Top 10 teams and, like DC, the schedule should provide some relief going forward.

10 Los Angeles Hollywoods (29-23) Prev NR - 10-10 for the week, but exp win percentage and run differential are relatively strong. 12th in batting, 8th in pitching, below average in the field. 1-2 vs Top 10 teams.

6. Charlotte Racers

Just Missed
11. Pittsburgh
12. Durham

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