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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NL Summary

from the previews, my predictions (* indicates playoff team) (blog votes in parenthesis)

1. Kansas City* (6)
2. Detroit (4)
3. Pittsburgh (3)
4. Cleveland

1. Chicago* (5)
2. Dover* (5)
3. New York (1)
4. Buffalo

1. Houston* (5)
2. Louisville* (2)
3. Memphis (5)
4. Montgomery

1. Helena* (7)
2. San Francisco
3. Los Angeles (2)
4. Honolulu

MVP - Yusmeiro Durazo
Cy Young - Wascar Franco
ROY - Midre Cervantes

NL Champ - Helena

NL West Preview

8 out of 8

Season 22 Standings
1. Helena 95-67
2. Los Angeles 84-78
3. Honolulu 79-83
4. San Francisco 77-85

Season 22 Recap
Helena won the division for the second consecutive time. LA missed the playoffs for the first time in 9 seasons and had its worst record since Season 12. Honolulu finished outside of the Top 2 for the first time since season 10. San Fran had its best record since season 13, although it was their 10th consecutive last place finish.

Team Previews

Owner ncapodagli was very active in the offseason and clearly plans on remaining at the top of a very competetive division.
Additions - Jolbert Armas, Mateo Martinez, Bey Wallace, Ralph Jennings, Philip Colin
Subtractions - Ezdra Mateo, Brendan Watson, Francis Herzog
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - It's difficult to see this team not making the playoffs, although they do have some strong competition for the division title. Only a year removed from a WS title, they appear to be an improved team, with two impact players awaiting a promotion in AAA.

Los Angeles
tytabs stayed out of the FA frenzy and appears to be confident that last season was an aberration.
Additions - Jeff Ruebel
Subtractions - Luis Morales, Tomas Mesa
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - I'm not sure that they have enough firepower to catch Helena. A very good team that should be competeing for a spot in the playoffs.

owner rdierkers was very active in the offseason, but has he done enough to finish in the top 2?
Additions - Bingo O'Donnell,Shea Unroe,Wilfredo Veras, Terry Buford
Subtractions - Connie Stark, Randy Broome, George Weaver
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - A third place finish would be nothing to be ashamed of in a very tough division, although a 4th place finish would be just as likely.

San Francisco
jtracy was very active in the trade market and appears to have made up some ground in the West
Additions - Willie Bennett, Juan Vincente, Julio Rodriguez, Jiggs Hodges,Benji James
Subtractions - Royce Aven, Chan Ho Sugawara
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - jtracy has done some good work here and should be much improved. I think that he will pass Honolulu but not be able to catch Helena. The question is whether or not they have done enough to catch LA? My guess is yes.

MVP Watch - Louie Delgado, Peter O'Connor, Orlando Maduro,
Cy Young Watch - Juan Vincente, Philip Colin, Victor Merrick, Louis Melville
ROY Watch - Zachrey Betancourt, Jackie Franklin

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NL South Preview

7 of 8

Season 22 Standings

1. Memphis 95-67
2. Louisville 86-87
3. Houston 83-79
4. Montgomery 77-85

Season 22 Recap
Memphis won more than 90 games for the third consecutive season. Louisville has improved its win total for four consecutive seasons. Houston looks to regain its form after its only season in 22 out of the top two. Montgomery has missed the playoffs for four consecutive seasons (after making the playoffs for four consecutive seasons).

Team Previews

bencap is looking for another title and has laregly stood pat in the offseason
Additions - Randall Scott, Midre Cervantes (promoted)
Subtractions - Midre Robinson
Net effect - Positive
Prediction -Anything less than a Top 2 finish would be a disappointment, although a third place finish in a very difficult division would not be shocking.

batgecko is always working to improve his team, but has he done enough to continue to improve his win total?
Additions - Wesley Graves, Bill Reed, Felipe Sivilla, Rafael Soriano, Top Gear's very own Richard Hammond
Subtractions - Jose Ramirez, J.C. Drew, Lou Jenkins
Net effect - Slightly positive
Prediction - Playoffs. I'm not sure if they can win the division, but they can and should make the playoffs.

pmuehlenkamp had a very disappointing Season 22, and his offseason moves (and AAA talent) show a desire to not let it happen again
Additions - Felipe Mantalban, Jonathan Gload, Adam Tucker
Subtractions - John Baek, Carlos Pena, Eric Shields, Junior Lopez
Net effect - Neutral/Positive
Prediction - There's too much talent here to not have a shot at the playoffs, but someone has to finish third. Will it be Houston? No, they will win the division.

With all the talent here this season, neilg appears content to take his lumps and fight another day
Additions - Steve Bigley, Walt Henry
Subtractions - Junior Montero, Al Vazquez, Wesley Graves
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - Anything other than a last place finish would be a surprise, but primarily due to the strenght of the division and not the weakness of the team

MVP Watch - Jonathan Gload, Ken Daly
Cy Young Watch - Geraldo Mendez, Willis Floyd, Dave Darr, Manny Ramsey, Jeff Woods
ROY Watch - Midre Cervantes, Gary Woodward, Doug Dietz

Monday, January 16, 2012

NL East Preview

6 out of 8

Season 22 Standings

1. Chicago 96-66
2. New York 93-69
3. Dover 80-82
4. Buffalo 51-111

Season 22 Recap
Chicago won its 4th consecutive division title. New York had its best season since Season 17. Dover finished 3rd for the 5th time in six seasons. Buffalo tied its franchise record for most losses in a year.

Team Previews

Owner redlegs remained rather inactive, choosing to go with (largely) the same team that won the division last year. Cleary, anything less than a 1st place finish would be disappointing.
Additions - Charley Davidson, Ezdra Mateo
Subtractions - David Picasso
Net effect - Neutral
Prediction - A well built team that should make the playoffs, regardless of its finish in the division.

New York
chuthus followed Chicago's lead and stayed rather quiet in the offseason, although some nice FA's were signed. An aging team that is built to compete right now.
Additions - Junior Torcato, Douglas Cust,
Subtractions - Ramon Chen, Ahmad Bell
Net effect - Positive, but not by much
Prediction - A Top 2 finish would be nice, but I'm not sure that they can hold off hard-charging Dover.

SHOTGUN enters another season with his sites set on the playoffs. Will he be able to put a disappointing Season 22 behind him?
Additions - Brendan Watson, Junior Montero, Guillermo Balboa
Subtractions - Henry Green, Bingo O'Donnell
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - This is a talented team a pitcher or two away from a playoff appearance. I think that a Top 2 finish is in the cards, with a playoff appearance to go along with it.

meece is rebuilding, and would have to make a dramatic improvement from Season 22 to finish anywhere but 4th.
Additions - Frank Zhang, Alex Alomar, Heinie Rhodes (all promoted), Curt Hendrick
Subtractions - Cory Clark, Orval Cohen
Net effect - Positive
Prediction - Zhang for Clark is a wash, and there is enough talent here to improve by 20 games, but a 4th place finish is highly likely.

MVP Watch - Gregg Fuller, Harry Silva, Yank Sodowsky, Yorman Molina
Cy Young Watch - Cesar Reyes, Wascar Franco, Frank Zhang
ROY Watch - Frank Zhang, Marino Pujols, Alex Alomar

NL North Preview

The 5th of 8 previews

Season 22 Standings
1. Kansas City 79-83
2. Cleveland 75-87
3. Detroit 75-87
4. Pittsburgh 66-96

Season 22 Recap
KC had its best record (and only playoff appearance) in eleven seasons. Cleveland had its worst record in nine seasons, Detroit had its best record in three seasons, and Pittsburgh finished last for the second consecutive season.

Team Previews

Kansas City
One of the most active owners this off-season, mwelker is going for broke and has the look of a division champ.
Additions - Mark Wanatabe,Francis Herzog, Sergio Dupler,Felipe Encarnacion, Luis Morales,Andrew Carmona, J.R. Beckett, Junior Ozuna plus expected call-ups Dioner Soriano, Hee Wan, Midre Valentin, and Yamid Bravo
Subtractions - Bey Wallace, Mateo Martinez, Pedro Maduro, Bernard Jacquez, Kevin Yamaguchi, Jose Segui
Net effect - Potitive, although mwelker did give up some quality big league players.
Prediction - There's too much talent here not to finish first. AAA players will contribute big this season, and the dynasty appears to be taking shape.

Looks like another rebuilding year for davidlove, and a bottom half finish appears likely.
Additions - Alex James, Geoff Hall
Subtractions - Andres Ramirez
Net effect - Neutral
Prediction - A third place finish would be an accomplishment. davidlove is clearly in a transition mode and has a plan to compete in a couple of seasons.

mtorab was once again very active in the offseason and looks primed for a playoff spot.
Additions - Yusmeiro Durazo, Jonathan Lankford, Bert Throneberry, Randy Broome, Tomas Mesa
Subtractions - Walt Henry
Net effect - Positive, positive, positive!
Prediction - 1st or 2nd and anything less than a playoff appearance would be a disappointment.

bboyd is on the upswing, but it might be another season before he can break into the Top 2.
Additions - Willie Wheat
Subtractions - T.J. Torres, Sergio Dupler
Net effect - neutral
Prediction - Third, with an outside chance at second if AAA horses are promoted.

MVP Watch - Yusmeiro Durazo
Cy Young Watch - Alexi Terrero, Randy Broome,Albert Mondesi
ROY Watch - Anthony Mulder, Guy Jones, Eugene Holmes, Dioner Soriano, Hee Wan, Midre Valentin, Timothy Bryant, Wally Lo Duca