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Thursday, April 26, 2012

NL West Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Helena 95-67
2. Honolulu - 88-74
3. Los Angeles - 80-82
4. San Francisco - 71-91


1. Helena
Additions - A world Series trophy
Subtractions - Billy Downs
Nef effect - positive
Prediction - The champs had a quiet off-season, but they really didn't have much (if anything) to replace/upgrade. There is no reason to think that they won't win the division.

Additions - Buddy Houston, Jose Ramirez, Guy Dalrymple, Jeromy West, Derrek Peters
Subtractions - Shea Unroe, Don Guerrero, Giovanni Jennings
Nef effect - positive
Prediction - A Wild Card is probable and a division title is within reach. Some injury issues have kept a few addditions from contributing, but this is a very solid team.

Los Angeles
Additions - Louis Melville,
Subtractions - Clayton Mullin, Ahmad Bell Miguel Vazquez
Nef effect - older
Prediction - This team is better than their S23 results. The loss of Melville will hurt, but this team is still a contender. 3rd is likely, but 2nd and a Wild Card is possible.

San Francisco
Additions - Pascual Gongora,
Subtractions - Juan Vincente, Greg Hall
Nef effect - negative
Prediction - A team on the rise that saw the value of waiting a couple of seasons for their time. With or without Vincente, this is a 4th place team, so the plan is a good one.

MVP - Peter O'Connor
Cy Young - Victor Merrick
ROY - Paul Shibata

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NL South Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Houston 93-69
2. Memphis 91-71
3. Louisville (Tampa) 80-82
4. Montgomery 74-88


Additions - Rocky Penny
Subtractions - Adam Tucker
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - Tucker is one of the best in the business and will be very difficult to replace. Other than him, however, there was very little significant turnover. This team will win the division if Mendez and Floyd stay healthy.

Additions - John Irabu, Ian Sears (promoted)
Subtractions - Darron Speier, Hector Guerrero, Rico Soto, Tom Perez
Net effect - Negative
Prediction - With half of its starting line-up gone, Memphis faces a difficult task in repeating its Season 23 performance. If the SP's can get to the 1-2 punch of Scott and Hunter, they could stand a chance. Likely finish is 3rd, however.

Additions - David Picasso
Subtractions - Bill Reed
Net effect - Positive, Reed was injured and uproductive
Prediction - 2nd. They have plenty of offense and should be able to reel in Memphis. They will face a very difficult task of catching Houston, however.

Additions - Willie Wheat, Mac Ashby
Subtractions - Darryl Dessens, Omar Flores
Net effect - Neutral
Prediction - 4th. Montgomery appears to be in rebuilding mode and they have some nice players in AAA. If promoted, they could claw their way to 3rd, but anything above that would be a big surprise.

MVP - Jonathan Gload
Cy Young - Willis Floyd
ROY - Ruben Vidal

Monday, April 23, 2012

NL East Preview

Season 23 Standings

1. Chicago - 96-66
2. Dover (Indianapolis) - 83-79
3. New York (Norfolk) - 73-89
4. Buffalo - 59-83

Team Previews

Additions - Benji Pulido, Willis Durham
Subtractions - Ezdra Mateo, Don Iwamura
Net Effect - neutral
Prediction - This is a team filled with stars on offense. It should have just enough pitching to win the division, but will it be enough to dethrone Helena and derail KC?

Additions - Nate Stoddard
Subtractions - Brendan Watson, Alex Mairena, George Weaver
Net Effect - negatively, but only just
Prediction - The solid core is here, and anything done in the offseason was just tinkering. A likely 2nd place finish would be nothing to be ashamed of in a division with Chicago.

Additions - Rico Soto, better weather, naval bases
Subtractions - Bob Blum, Darren Parkinson
Net Effect - slightly negative
Prediction - New owner boomhow has his work cut out for him. This is a sub-.500 team that will be lucky to finish 3rd. A re-build is in order.

Additions - Jose Cordero, Magglio Armas, Eugene Millwood (promoted),
Subtractions - Jae-Kuk Hasegawa, Carmine Ross
Net Effect - positive
Prediction - The most improved team in the division (and youngest in the NL), Buffalo's re-build is near complete. I predict 3rd, but a 2nd place finish and Wild Card berth is not out of the realm of possibility, which is saying a lot for a 59 win team.

MVP - Gregg Fuller
Cy Young - Cesar Reyes
ROY - Eugene Millwood

Week 1 Rankings

1. Chicago Black Sox (11-5) - Chicago is off to a very good start, although they did lose two out of three to Helena. They are 1st in Batting, 9th in Pitching, and 10th in Fielding. Run differential +45

2. Kansas City Crusaders (10-5) - Another team off to a very good start, although like Chicago, they have a losing record against the Top 10 (lost 2 of 3 to Houston). They are 11th in Batting, 1st in Pitching, and below average in the field. Run differential +37

3. Houston Hangovers (12-3) - Perhaps the most impressive team, Houston has won every series that it has played. They are above average in Batting, 2nd in Pitching, and 8th in Fielding. Run differential +27

4. Oklahoma City Falcons (12-3) - The AL's top ranked team has won every series, including 2 of 3 vs. Jacksonville. They are 12th in Batting, 5th in Pitching, and 2nd in Fielding. Run differential +23

5. Jacksonville TIMUCUAN'S (10-6) - Owners of the best expected win percentage and run differential in the AL, Jacksonville has played a difficult schedule (losing 2 of 3 to both OKC and MON). They are very balanced - 6th in Batting, 3rd in Pitching, and 5th in Fielding. Run differential +28

6. Helena Hustle (12-4) - The Champs have done little to show any post-championship hangover, taking 2 of 3 from Chicago and 3 of 4 from Honolulu. They are 7th in Batting, 4th in Pitching, and average in the field. Run differential +21

7. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (12-4) - The BeeGee's are back to their AL East dominating ways and also swept Top 10 contender Salem in three. They are 2nd in Batting, above average in Pitching, and last in Fielding. Run differential +21

8. Montreal Garde Imperiale (10-6) - The most consistent team in 1530 is back in its rightful place amongst the best of the best. They are 3rd in Batting, 10th in Pitching, and 9th in Fielding. Run differential +25

9. Honolulu Tropics (10-6) - Winners of 9 of their last 11, the Tropics are back on track. They are average in Batting, 11th in Pitching, and 6th in Fielding. Run differential +9

10. Fresno Fire (9-6) - Uneven results so far, but they did enough to make the list. They are above average in both Pitching and Batting and 1st in Fielding. Run differential +10

11. St. Louis
12. Tampa Bay