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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coach Hiring / Re-sign Free Agents for Noobs

Today we really get going. First things first, if you have taken a guy to arbitration twice and you want to keep him, today is the day you must offer him a long term deal. You can do so on your arbitration report. If you go to arbitration three times with a guy, he will leave after the season. This can happen to even the best of owners, so be sure to check your report. If you have a question about this, ask on the forum.

As a bonus, most will take less long-term than what they are asking for in arbitration. It may make sense to offer a guy in year two of arb if his arb demands are significantly higher than his long term demands. Just be sure to lock him up for as long as you can.

Coaches! @#$% Coaches! If you despise coach hiring (like I do), re-sign as many of your guys as you can. Assuming you budgeted in the 10-12 million range, you will not have a problem signing good coaches if you spend responsibly. For the rookies, it is important for each coach to have a high rating in their respective specialty (pitching for pitching coaches, hitting for hitting coaches, etc.). Additionally, all else being equal, you want the guy with higher loyalty, patience, and discipline. A good guide for specialty ratings is as follows:

RL >50
LoA> 55
ML>80 for P,H, and B, >70 for 3B and F, >40 for 1B, and >70 for Bu.

It is important to not neglect your minor league guys. Your coaches will impact their development. There are tricks and strategies here, but I learned last season to not get too cute with this process. And remember, if you have less than 2 million, you cannot transfer money into another category, so you might as well spend it.

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