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Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Agency So Far

Here's a look at some of the big FA deals. Vote on your favorite to the right.

1. Stevie Waters, SP, Honolulu, 5 years $49.5 million, $2 million bonus
Analysis - Waters was one of the first SP's to sign, and rdierkers made sure that he got him by going strong. 32 years old, he's 90-75 with a 3.73 ERA and OPS allowed under .700. Solid signing fir a solid SP.

2. Brant Riggan, SP, Salt Lake City, 3 years $20.4 million with a mutual option
Analysis - Riggan is 149-127 with an ERA of 4.16 and an OPS allowed of .717. An inning-eater with solid ratings across the board, he will struggle vs. lefties and might lose some his ratings by the time the option comes due. A smart signing.

3. Bernie Pena, SP/RP, Durham, 3 years $18.9 million with a mutual option
Analysis - Already 36 and injury prone, Durham took a gamble on a very good SP/LRA type. Suspect stamina might keep him out of the rotation, but a career ERA of 3.40 and OPS allowed of .655 are hard to ignore.

4. Timothy Crawford, SP, Honolulu, 3 years $31.5 million with a $2 million bonus
Analysis - The best SP on the market, Crawford is 208-122 with an ERA of 3.91 and OPS allowed of .681 over his 15 borderline-HOF career. rdierkers feels that his time is now, and no better way to start it than with the #1 SP on the market.

5. Derek Burgess, SS, Baltimore, 5 years $34.8 million
Analysis - With all the attention being paid to SP's, superskrull likely had no competition for the #2 position player on the market. While a marginal SP, Burgess would be a plus defender at 3B or 2B. Career OPS of .767, while not great, is very good for what he brings defensively. Burgess will likely be a COF by the time the contract expires, so the value might not be there in years 3-5.

6. Bubbles Judd, SP/RP Salt Lake City, 2 years $13 million
Analysis - Like Pena, Judd is a marginal SP due to low stamina, but elite otherwise. 81-37 with an OPS allowed of .698, Judd is a perfect fit for a playoff bound team like SLC.

7. Mule Service, SP, Durham 5 years $63.2 million with a mutual option
Analysis - Still only 30, Service is 84-81 with an OPS allowed of .729. Excellent control should help in homer-friendly Durham. Very good intangibles indicates taht he will hold ratings well throughout the life of the contract.

8. Jonathan Gload, LF, Cleveland 4 years $29.8 million with a no-trade
Analysis - The #1 position player on the market, Gload is one of the best bats in 1530. Although is power is being sapped by age, he is still a lock for a >.850 OPS. A great deal for 3 of the 4 years as long as davidlove also invests in training, medical, and coaches.

9. David Lira, CF, Salt Lake City 5 years $25.2 million with a mutual option.
Analysis - Released by Atlanta,  Lira is an odd player. Elite defensively and an ideal lead-off man, his career OBP of .343 and OPS of .638 is underwhelming.

10. Welington Chavez, 3B, Tampa Bay 5 years $40.1 million
Analysis - Much like Burgess, very good at 3B and 2B, but lacks ideal ratings for SS. Career OPS of .809 and only 31, I like this deal better than the one for Burgess, although Chavez relies on power, which is likely the first thing to start dropping.

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