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Monday, April 15, 2013

Mega Deals- 3 PM Cycle

The 3 PM cycle on the last day of free agency is when we finally have answers on some of the top Free Agents. These are guys that have multiple offers in from teams that have both pursued them from the first day, to those that joined in after missing on other targets. For that reason, the price tends to be high. Here are three of the largest....

1. Aaron Simon, SP, Cleveland, 5 years $78.5 million plus a 5.5 million bonus
Analysis - A 32 year old that almost won the Cy Young last season, Simon is 116-61 with an OPS allowed of .727 over his ML career. He is a very good SP, but intangibles might make those last two years of the contract a tough pill to swallow.

2. Angel Palmeiro, SP, Baltimore, 5 years $58 million
Analysis - Palmeiro compares favorably to the other Top, young(ish) southpaw on the market (Mule Service). 95-65 with an OPS allowed of .695 over his career. Should be a top of the rotation guy for the duration of his contract.

3. Anthony Patterson, SP, Jacksonville, 5 years $84.2 million with a player option and no trade clause
Analysis - rbjb went all-in on this 33 year old righty SP. 158-112 with an ERA of 4.29 and OPS allowed of .738, Patterson is the rare lefty that can get RHB's out. A good, albeit expensive, addition for a contender.

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