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Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to Season 28!

The blog took much of Season 27 off, so look for a new and improved blogger in 27. I will aim to finish the 25th Anniversary RP slot, as well as bring back features you all have become accustomed to (previews, predictions, FA reviews, etc.).

I have updated the info (records, clubs, etc.) to the left.

We have three new owners this season.

In the NL, voleye http://www.whatifsports.com/HBD/Pages/Popups/UserProfile.aspx?uid=150531 takes over a very good Chicago team and has moved to Scranton. Voleye has 23 seasons under his belt and a career ML winning percentage of .460.

 In the AL, bfish36 http://www.whatifsports.com/HBD/Pages/Popups/UserProfile.aspx?uid=778508 takes over a very good, but very expensive Richmond squad. The other AL squad will be taken over by dirtybutt http://www.whatifsports.com/user/profile/Games/HardballDynasty/?user=dirtybutt. Dirty is a vet, with 16 seasons and 1 WS championship.

As a reminder, bfish36 will be the only one restricted from trading until the beginning of the season.

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