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Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Top 10 - Weeks 1 and 2

1. Durham Tar Heels (25-8) - The Tar Heels were 4-2 vs the Top 10. They are 1st in Batting, 11th in Pitching, and average in the field.

2. Boston Massacre (25-7) - Probably the best team that 1530 has ever seen, the Mascara are likely to never lose another game. They were 3-3 vs the Top 10. They are 2nd in Batting, 13th in Pitching,  8th in Fielding, and 1st in blog curses.

3. Salt Lake City Mormons (17-15)  - A better team than their record would indicate. 3-3 vs the Top 10. They are 3rd in Batting, 9th in Pitching, and average in the field.

4. Helena Hustle (22-10) - The NL's best team, they were 8-2 vs the Top 10. They are 7th in Batting, 6th in Pitching, and 3rd in Fielding.

5. Kansas City Crusaders (23-9) - The Evil Empire finished the week 6-3 vs. the Top 10. They were average at the plate, 2nd on the mound, and 11th in the field.

6. San Francisco Shoreman (18-14) - 2-5 vs the Top 10, average in Batting, 1st in Pitching, 4th in Fielding.

7. Atlanta Aces (22-10) - The Aces were 2-1 vs the Top 10, even more impressive given the instability in their ownership.  Average in Batting, 9th in Pitching, 1st in Fielding

8. Salem Aggies (17-15) - Another team much better than their record, the Aggies were 3-6 vs teh Top 10. They are 4th in Batting, below average in Pitching, and above average in Fielding.

9. Pittsburgh Partymen (18-14) - 2-8 vs the Top 10 so the schedule should get easier. Below average in Batting, 4th in Pitching, and 6th in Fielding.

10. Baltimore Choppers (18-15) - 5-5 for the week vs. the Top 10. Average in Batting, 7th in Pitching, and 9th in Fielding.

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