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Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog's HOF Ballot

1. Francis Herzog - CF,  Buffalo - A rare combination of defense in offense in a tough position to find them both, Herzog appeared in seven all star games and won nine silver sluggers in Center. A career .289 batter with an OPS of .960, he hit 468 homers and batted in 1393 runs. Voted the best CF in the first 25 years of 1530 Homer
2. Louis Spence - LF, Cleveland - Along with Neill, Spece was one of the best hitters of his era. 12 all star appearance to go along with 7 silver sluggers. A career .317 average and OPS of .943. He hit 329 homers, batted in 1257, and scored 1736 runs.
3. Benji Neill - LF, Fargo - Voted by the owners as the Season 10-20 LF, Neill was among the best pure hitters in our history. He appeared in 9 all-star games, won two silver sluggers, and one gold glove. A career .310 batter with an OPS of .919, he hit 269 homers with 1157 RBI's and 1460 runs.
4. Willie Wheat- SP, Durham - A fringe candidate, but the best of the SP's on this season's ballot. A career record of 270-138 with 4 all star appearances and 1 Cy Young.
5. Jeff Woods - SP, Montreal - Another fringe candidate, but still a good one. An amazing 8 all stars appearances and 4 rings. Career record of 274-188.

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