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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FA Signings so far.....

1. Randall Scott, RP, Honolulu, 4 years $39.2 million
Analysis - Quite simply one of the best RP's in the game. He's 34, but has shown very little regression to date. He's destined to lose some zip on his fastball, but he should still be able to thrive in Honolulu.

2. Pete Stein, C, San Francisco, 5 years $39.7 million
Analysis - Stein is one of the better catchers in the game with a good combination of defensive and offensive skills. Only 28, he should be able to man the plate for all five years of his deal. A good pick-up.

3. Jimmie Phillips, 2B, Jacksonville, 5 years $38.5 million with a team option
Analysis - Phillips is one of the better lead-off guys in the game, and a plus defender at 2B to boot. A sure bet to score over 100 runs for a high-powered JAX offense. A good signing for this year and next, but he will likely hit a major decline and be a drag on payroll for the last two years.

4. Edgar Alvarado, CF, Helena, 3 years $24 million
Analysis - Marginally defensive, Alvarado compensated with a plus bat. Only 29, so a three year deal is perfect. A little rich, but Alvardo is a nice player.

5. Max Ozuna, CF, Honolulu, 3 years $21.5 million
Analysis - Big spending Honolulu snags one of the best defensive CF's in the game. The 2-time all star is 31 and should be able to roam CF for all three seasons.

6. Jonathan Porcello, SP, Tampa, 5 years $31.5 million with a team option
Analysis - A good SP and a very good deal for the first year. But there will be a time to pay the piper, and it will likely come starting in Season 4 of the deal.

7. Don Chen, LF, Honolulu, 3 years $28 million with a team option.
Analysis - Honolulu sees his window, and it starts this season. Chen is very, very good. But his power has started to decline and he is unlikely to touch his career averages from this point forward.

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