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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 10 Trade Pieces in the ML

I've seen this done for NBA players. You take all players at the ML level, consider all factors, and arrive at a list that identifies the most valuable trade assets in the game.
Since there are so many players, I needed to come up with some basic rules to narrow the candidates.

Rule One - All else being equal, an SP is more valuable than any other position.
Rule Two - All else being equal, an RHP is more valuable than an LHP.
Rule Three - RP's are not up for consideration.
Rule Four - A player that is young and controllable is more desirable than a player that is old even if the younger player is inferior.
Rule Five - A player 33 or older should not make this list. Here is my list for the Top 10 (I threw the top ML-ready AAA guys in for fun). In dramatic, countdown style......

10. Albert Mondesi SP, Boston - The best SP in the game, but relatively expensive and 31 years old. He is controllable for the next 5 seasons, and the contract is actually a good one for the value delivered. 164-66 with an ERA of 2.71 and a no doubt Hall of Famer. If I could choose one player for one season, it would be Mondesi. But, compared to the rest on this list, he is not as valuable on the trade market.

9. Enerio Duran, SP, Houston - A 23 year old RHP SP, Duran is 16-17 with an ERA of 3.73. Compares favorably, in my opinion, to teammate Ross, although he will hit arbitration sooner, which is why he is lower of the list. Should be a big part of Houston's impending dynasty.

8. Tony Esposito, SS, Wichita - While likely not ready for another season, Esposito could step in today and produce at all-star type season at 3B. A former 1st round pick. Much higher on this list if he can hit projections and play a solid SS.

7. Guy Wilson, SP, Pittsburgh - The 24 year old righty is still one season from arbitration. He's had some success so far and, with a makeup of 94, will likely hit his projections.

6. Homer Ross, SP, Houston - A 23 year old RHP with #1 stuff. Should debut after 25 games this season and be a star. Only concern is that he is relatively weak vs. LHB, but it's a minor concern.

5. Carson Stuart, SP, Philadelphia - Only 21, Stuart should make his ML debut next season. Solid projections, but he's a LHP that is relatively weak against RHBs. That being said, he's a young SP already at an 80 overall. He's valuable.

4. Ken DeRosa, RF, Boston - Tough call to drop him below others on this list, but DeRosa has started to cost real money this season and, at the max, could leave after seven more seasons. So the question is would you rather have DeRosa for 7 or  (spoiler alert) Tony Cueto for 10? Give me Cueto and I'll pray that I don't face DeRosa too often.

3. Tony Cueto, RF, Toledo -  Slated to make his debut this season, Cueto is 24 and controllable for the next 10 seasons. While not a true power hitter, he projects as one of the best hitters that 1530 has ever seen.  A lock for ROY, he should make the next 10 all-star games as long as he is surrounded with some decent players.

2. Ivan Walton, RF, Salt Lake City - Quite simply the best position player in the game. Only 26 and yet to hit arbitration, Walton has one MVP under his belt and led the league in RBI's last season. Walton is also a good bet to never test free agency due to his high patience rating.

1. Felipe Navarro, SP, Vancouver - If I were starting a team today, and had to pick one player currently in the ML to start it with, it would be Navarro. He's young (23), right handed, controllable for the next eight seasons, and very, very good. His relatively low stamina would be my only concern, but I would take him here without hesitation.

Argue away!

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