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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free Agency Day 2

Day Two sees some battles won, but the big money deals come in Day 3.

1. Manny Ramsey SP, Richmond, 5 years $33.7 million
Analysis - Ramsey is the owner of 145 wins and a 3.91 ERA and is only 33 years old. He has shown a slight ratings drop, but with good budgeting, he could be productive at the top of the rotation for 3-4 seasons.

2. Lee Crosby RF, Chicago (AL), 5 years $39.3 million with a $3.5 million bonus
Analysis - Only 28, Crosby was sure to be one of the highest paid FA's. He is good, but does not play a skill position and owns a career OPS of only .773. However, you can plug him into the line-up and forget him for 162 games due to his excellent durability and health. His ratings are better than his production, could be a candidate for a breakout season.

3. Pedro Maduro, SP, San Francisco, 4 years $26 million
Analysis - 34 but an owner of very good intangibles, Maduro can man down a #3 SP spot for the duration of the contract. The problem is that he doesn't do well vs RHB's, not to mention that is owns a career ERA close to 5.

4. Eugene Holmes LF, Houston, 5 years $34.1 million with a 500k bonus.
Analysis - The bonus must have been what did it! A power hitter with an average HR track record, Holmes is another plug and forget player. Not an ideal RF but can play in a pinch, he is a solid #5 hitter that could rebound from a sub-par season.

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