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Friday, November 1, 2013

Free Agency Day 3

Big money day!

1. Maicer Bennett SP, Charlotte, 5 years $90 million
Analysis  - Holy cow! This might be the record contract for a player yet to throw an ML inning. It just goes to show you what a rarity he was - only 24 and still improving. He should deliver an ERA around 4.00 and a WHIP around 1.35, good but not ace stuff.

2. Eugene Millwood, SP, Montreal, 5 years $50 million with a mutual option.
Analysis - Not bad value, but still a bunch on money for an SP that won't be an ace. He is young, though, and will produce many, many quality innings.

3. Timothy Bryant, 3B, Santa Fe, 5 years $84.9 million with a player option
Analysis - Not good enough defensively for SS, Bryant is an ideal 3B. Career .292 average with an OPS of .848

4. Gregory Stevenson, 2B, Chicago (AL), 5 years $47.5 million with  a $10 million bonus.
Analysis - A good glove at 2B, Stevenson crushes LHPs. Career average of .261 and OPS of .818 reflective of relatively weak vs RHPs.

5. Frank Zhang, SP, Montreal, 5 years $77 million with a mutual option
Analysis - Montreal finishes its spending spree with another expensive SP. Zhang is a better pitcher than Millwood, and only a year older. he should produce for the duration of the contract

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