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Monday, November 11, 2013

Season 30 Preview - AL East

Season 29 Standings
1. Boston 110-52
2. Durham 100-62
3. Chicago 68-94
4. Philadelphia 62-100

Team Previews

Arrivals - Benj Taylor (trade)
Departures - Hughie Baker (trade), Brett Randall (FA)
Net Effect - neutral
Status - World Series or bust
Prediction - An uneventful off-season for the AL East champs. Having hit 110 wins in three of the last four seasons, this threshold is now expected. The division title is likely, but a regression seems overdue.

Arrivals - Ed Hundley (FA), Kenta Suzuki (Promoted)
Departures - Manny Ramsey (FA), Bernie Pena (FA)
Net Effect - Negative
Status - chasing Boston
Prediction - 2nd place and a Wild Card. Too much talent to miss out, not enough to catch Boston

Arrivals - Ivy Latham (Trade), Bo Dunham (Trade), Vic Beltran (FA), Chuck Bland (FA)
Departures - none
Net Effect - Positive
Status - at the end of a 5-season re-build, competing
Prediction - 2nd or 3rd, with a good shot at the Wild Card. Boston is too tough and Durham appears to be the better team. Should make the playoffs, though.

Arrivals - Lee Crosby (FA), Gregory Stevenson (FA), Carlos Pena (FA)
Departures - Tyson Lollar (FA), Rafael Escobar (FA),
Net Effect - Positive
Status - competing
Prediction - Just not enough pitching to make a run. They could compete in another division, but the East is just too tough. Anythig other than 4th would be a surprise.

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