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Monday, November 11, 2013

Season 30 Preview - AL North

Season 29 Standings
1. Salt Lake City 109-53
2. Toledo 86-76
3. Cincinnati 66-96
4. Montreal 58-104

Team Previews

Salt Lake City
Arrivals - Esteban Terrero (trade), Alex Limon (trade), Cecil Lee (promoted)
Departures - Benj Taylor (traded), Yorman Molina (traded), Larry Henley (traded), Bo Dunham (traded), Norman Carson (FA), Brant Riggan (FA)
Net Effect - neutral, maybe slightly negative
Status - competing for a World Series with an eye on rebuilding
Prediction - 1st
Best record in franchise history and 2nd best in the AL, SLC lost to Vancouver in the DCS. Most teams competing for a World Series don't trade a top SP, but they did just that. Still, there is enough talent here to win the division easily.

Arrivals - Donaldo Segui (FA)
Departures - Raymond Campbell (FA)
Net Effect - neutral
Status - Competing
Prediction - With very little turnover, Toledo is going with the same squad that won 86 games last season. A dramatic increase in unlikely, so a division title is likely to be out of reach. 2nd or 3rd.

Arrivals - none
Departures - Napoleon Starr (Rule V)
Net Effect - negative
Status - perpetually rebuilding
Prediction - With the loss of one of the best young players in the game and seven straight seasons of bad baseball, the fans of this once proud and successful squad are getting restless. Help is on the way, but a 4th place finish this season is all but guaranteed.

Arrivals - Napoleon Starr (Rule V), Frank Zhang (FA), Eugene Millwood (FA), Julio Lopez (FA), Mark Wanatabe (Trade), Yuniesky Johnson (Trade), Jake Orie (Trade)
Departures - Saul Pineda (Trade),
Net Effect - positive
Status - Worst to First?
Prediction - Any team that spends that kind of cash on Free Agents must not be ignored. Have they done enough to catch SLC? The blog says "no". Have they done enough to catch Toledo? The blog says "yes", but it won't be enough for a playoff spot.

Cy Young Watch - Frank Zhang
MVP Watch - Tony CuetoNapoleon StarrIvan Walton
ROY Lock - Napoleon Starr

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