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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Season 30 Preview - AL South

Season 29 Standings
1. Jacksonville 89-73
2. Charlotte 83-79
3. Texas 83-79
4. Mexico City 60-102

Team Previews

Richmond (Jacksonville)
Arrivals - Manny Ramsey (FA), Jesus Bautista (FA),
Departures - Luis Lopez (FA)
Net Effect - positive
Status - pushing for the playoffs
Prediction - They should have enough to win the division, and a marginal improvement over Season 29 should be expected. In a stacked AL, however, advancing in the playoffs should prove to be difficult.

Arrivals - Brant Riggan (FA), R.J. Albaladejo (FA), Maicer Bennett (FA)
Departures - none
Net Effect - positive
Status - one season away?
Prediction - An army of talent awaits in AAA, will they be rushed this season or saved for next? Saved is my guess, so 1st place is out of the question, but 2nd is realistic. Should be a team to watch in Season 31, though.

Jackson (Texas)
Arrivals - Adam Tucker (Trade), Saul Pineda (Trade), Juan Vincente (Trade), Bartolo Santos (FA), Victor Gonzalez (Promoted)
Departures - Angel Morales (Trade), R.J. Albaladejo (FA), Eugene Millwood (FA),
Net Effect - more positive than negative
Status - hanging in there
Prediction - In a division without a "super team", Jackson will be in the hunt if Richmond falters. If the pitching staff can hold up, 2nd place is within reach. In any event, a winning record is expected, but the playoffs are not.

Oklahoma City (Mexico City)
Arrivals - Larry Henley (Trade), Pablo Ramirez (Rule V)
Departures - Esteban Terrero (Trade), Alex Limon (Trade), Davy Moreno (Trade), Jesus Bautista (FA),
Net Effect - negative
Status - rebuilding 101
Prediction - 4th, but that's not bad. A textbook re-build is underway, and OKC have done an amazing job cutting payroll and adding prospects. Anyone looking to re-build should take notes.

MVP Watch - Posiedon LuekeEnrique Vincente
Cy Young Watch - Manny RamseyBrant RigganJuan Vincente

ROY Lock (if promoted) - Bernie Johnson

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