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Friday, November 15, 2013

Season 30 Preview - NL East

Season 29 Standings
1. Wichita - 81-81
2. Buffalo - 75-87
3. Scranton - 68-94
4. San Juan - 65-97

Team Previews

Burlington (Wichita)
Arrivals - Bernie Pena (FA), Jared Williams Jr. (FA), Damian Peavy (FA), Gustavo Melo (Trade), Geraldo Mendez (Trade)
Departures - Jae-Kuk Hasegawa (FA), Ed Earley (FA),
Net Effect - Positive
Status - Bought a Pitching Staff
Prediction - 1st place in a relatively weak division. 2 or 3 players away from making some noise in the playoffs.

Arrivals - none
Departures - Gregory Stevenson (FA), Miguel Guerrero (FA), Vic Beltran (Released
Net Effect - negative
Status - starting to rebuild
Prediction - With a payroll of $100 million and only $5 million committed for next season, meece is primed to make a move in IFA to begin the re-build in earnest. 3rd or 4th is likely.

Pawtucket (Scranton)
Arrivals - Magglio Armas (FA), Charley Roberts (FA)
Departures - Don Iwamura (Trade), Mark Wanatabe (Trade), Jake Orie (Trade), Ed Hundley (FA)
Net Effect - negative
Status - rebuilding
Prediction - This is actually a pretty good team, despite the ongoing re-build. 2nd place should be within reach, but a .500 record might not be in the cards.

Chicago (San Juan)
Arrivals - Diego Diaz (promoted), Bob Sveum (promoted),
Departures - Lee Crosby (FA)
Net Effect - negative
Status - rebuilding/competing
Prediction - Arbitration clock be damned, schmidthb filled his roster with some decent players but appears to be re-building. If Pawtucket trades some pieces, Chicago has a chance to finish 2nd.

MVP Watch - Gregg FullerTony Esposito
Cy Young Watch - Geraldo Mendez

ROY Watch - Bob Sveum

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