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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Season 30 Preview - NL North

Season 29 Standings
1. Kansas City 108-54
2. Pittsburgh 100-62
3. Cleveland 86-76
4. Fargo 80-82

Team Previews

Kansas City
Arrivals - none
Departures - Timothy Bryant (FA),
Net Effect - negative, but does it matter?
Status - Bored of winning
Prediction - What do you do when you get tired of winning with 25 guys? You win with 20. No matter the number -  this team will win the division.

Arrivals - none
Departures - none
Net Effect - none
Status - in the wrong division for now, but built to last
Prediction - This team could win the majority of the divisions out there and, without doubt, will make the playoffs. KC is just too tough, however, so the season really starts in the Wild Card round.

Arrivals - none
Departures - Yuniesky Johnson (Trade), Wally Lo Duca (FA)
Net Effect - negative
Status - stuck in the middle, rebuilding?
Prediction - 3rd. no better, no worse. A talented team that will be above .500, buy they don't have what it takes to win 100 games. And 100 games is what it would take to finish higher than 3rd. The trade of Johnson signals a shift in strategy. Should be more worried about Fargo getting the second Wild Card than anything else.

Arrivals - Quinton Trammell (trade), Raymond Campbell (FA)
Departures - none
Net Effect - positive
Status - competing, but for what?
Prediction - Another talented team in what might be the most talented division in 1530. Should finish over .500, and a shot at the playoffs is not out of the question. But the top two here are just too tough.

MVP Watch - where to begin? so many talented players, but Midre ValentinKen DeRosaFrank Thornton, and Davey Wood are the best from each squad
Cy Young Watch - Kelvin LavarnwayBert KolbGuy Wilson, or Alexi Terrero

ROY Lock (if promoted) - Brennan Alexander or Felipe Nunez

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