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Monday, November 18, 2013

Season 30 Preview - NL South

Season 29 Standings
1. Montgomery - 83-79
2. Tampa - 79-83
3. Houston - 77-85
4. Memphis - 72-90

Team Previews

Arrivals - Mateo Valbuena (FA),
Departures - Geraldo Mendez (Trade), Quinton Trammell (Trade), Rube Swann (Trade), Ivy Latham (Trade)
Net Effect - Negative
Status - Re-building?
Prediction - First to worst? Probably not, but they have begun to re-build and are sure to win less games in season 30. 3rd is my guess as they continue to sell.

Santa Fe (Tampa)
Arrivals - Don Iwamura (Trade), Luis Lopez (FA), Timothy Bryant (FA)
Departures - Ray Wallace (FA), Julio Lopez (FA), Sammy Gandarilla (FA), Gustavo Melo (FA)
Net Effect - neutral, maybe slightly positive
Status - competing
Prediction - A very good team on paper, but bats is cursed by the blog and picked on by WIS so you never know. Should make the playoffs, as long as they are injury free.

Arrivals - Yorman Molina (Trade), Davy Moreno (Trade), Eugene Holmes (Trade)
Departures - none
Net Effect - positive
Status - competing
Prediction - A battle with Santa Fe for 1st, but I like their pitching staff a little more so I'll give them the edge. Plus, bats is bound to have multiple injuries.

Arrivals - none
Departures - Rabbit Floyd (Released),
Net Effect - neutral
Status - re-building
Prediction - 4th and another season of building for the future.

MVP Watch - Midre CervantesDavy Moreno
Cy Young Watch - Willis Floyd

ROY Watch - Dwight Charlton

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