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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Season 30 Preview - NL West

Season 29 Standings
1. Helena 100-62
2. Honolulu 95-67
3. San Francisco 81-81
4. Los Angeles 54-108

Team Previews

Arrivals - Ralph Jennings (FA), Cody Dye (FA), Itchy Penis (Trade),
Departures - Paulie Fox (FA), Donaldo Segui (FA)
Net Effect - Neutral
Status - Competing
Prediction - Might be the last chance at a World Series before an aging pitching staff breaks down. Solid in all facets and anything less than 1st would be a disappointment.

Arrivals - Rube Swann (Trade), Cesar Reyes (Trade), Paulie Fox (FA), Benito Melian (FA)
Departures - Roger Karl (FA), Frank Zhang (FA), Jeff Ruebel (FA)
Net Effect - neutral
Status - competing
Prediction - Another squad getting on in years. Anything less than 2nd would be surprising and anything less than a playoff berth would be a disappointment. One bad season and this franchise could start to rebuild.

San Francisco
Arrivals - Rafael Escobar (FA), Mac Knott (FA), Pedro Maduro (FA)
Departures - Adam Tucker (Trade)
Net Effect - Positive
Status - Competing, one year away?
Prediction - One of the more active teams in Free Agency, but still in a very tough division. They have a shot at a Wild Card, but between Honolulu, Helena, and the NL North, the chance is remote.

Los Angeles
Arrivals - Bubbles Judd (FA), Albert Nelson (FA), Tyson Lollar (FA), Rabbit Floyd (Waivers)
Departures - Ralph Jennings (FA)
Net Effect - Positive
Status - Evil Empire 2.0
Prediction - Last place in a difficult division

MVP Watch - Gary Woodward (if he moves from 2B), Don ChenZachrey Betancourt
Cy Young Watch - Sammy "Gramps" Iglesias

ROY Watch - one of LA guys, if promoted

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