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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Agency Day Two

Day Two sees some value as salaries start to drop. Here are some of the signings...

1. Pat Regan, 2B, San Francisco, 4 years $23.5 million
Analysis - Regan was the top overall postion player on the market, according to Maddie's. A plus 2B, he can also play a decent CF. Career OPS of .835 and one of the best threats on the basepaths that this world has ever seen (3rd all-time in SB% and a decent shot at the all-time record). Only 31, this is a steal if he can stay healthy.

2. Richard Lee, 3B, 2 years $10.2 million
Analysis - Lee can play anywhere but C and SS. Only 34, he is a good bet to retain his ratings throughout the contract. Career OPS of .815 should take a hit in LA. A very good signing. #2 overall on Maddie's.

3. Peter O'Connor, LF, St. Louis, 2 years $10.4 million
Analysis - Maddie's top rated FA at the dish and a career OPS of .880. 33 years old, so he might drop a bit in power but not much. Elite batting ratings, should thrive in St. Louis. Another very good deal.

4. Ezdra Mateo, SP, Milwaukee, 1 year $5.2 million with a no-trade clause
Analysis - Mateo has had a nice career and is a solid middle of the rotation guy. Might be a little overpaid, but it's a 1 year deal with very little risk.

5. Otto Podsednik, SP, Texas, 1 year, $5.8 million with a no-trade clause
Analysis - I like the Mateo deal better, but Podsednik is not a bad option. The SP market is bare, and those looking for SPs will have to pay above market. He has the dreaded mix of being a lefty with low vs. RHB.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Free Agency Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of Free Agency signings! This is the day that guys sign when there is either no other bidder or a large gap between offers. Some big deals, let's get to it.....

1. Sammy Iglesias, SP, Washington DC, 4 yrs $50 million with a no trade clause and a player option

Analysis - Iglesias was, by far, the best SP on the market. He is currently the #2 rated SP in the world according to Maddie's. This is a very good deal for this season, a decent one for next, a bad one for the third season, and dead weight for the fourth. DC sees that its time is now, so why not go for it? That he signed so early indicates that DC was, by far, the highest bidder. He probably could have been had for less, but kramer got his man.

2. Carlos Rosado, CL, San Francisco, 4 yrs $33 million with a team option

Analysis - The 70th rated pitcher overall according to Maddie's, Rosado was the 8th-rates RP on the market. Has career OPS allowed of .700 and 227 saves. A candidate for a great season, but lefties tend to struggle in this game more than their righty counterparts. Certainly a good RP, but a rich deal.

3. Tony Tapies, 3B, Toledo, 2 years $14 million

Analysis - While he suffers from relatively weak range, Tapies is a plus defensive 3B with a career OBP of .346. An ideal 2 hole hitter, this is a fairly good deal for what was 3rd rated offensive player available in free agency.

4. Jimmie Valentine, RP, Cleveland, 3 years $21 million

Analysis - Another case of a bid far exceeding what others were offering, however, Valentine is a very, very good RP. Although durability is an issue, he is among the best LRA's in the game. Career OPS allowed of .647.

5. Louis Spence, DH, Boston, 2 years $3.4 million with a team option

Analysis - A shrewd move by a very good owner. Spence was once great, and he still has some pop left. A very good, cheap,  bat off of the bench.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Agency - Position Players

1. Pat Regan - 101.77
2. Richard Lee - 101.31
3. Tony Tapies - 100.43
4. Luis Lopez - 100.13

1. Peter O'Connor - 75.95
2. Franklin Stanley - 75.02
3. Damion Chang - 73.14
4. Luis Lopez - 72.59

1. Miguel Guerrero - 39.08
2. Al Segui - 38.06
3. Frank Hemingway - 38.46
4. Tino Pavlik - 38.11

Free Agency - Pitchers

Maddie's Top FA's

1. Sammy Iglesias - 105.19
2. Gustavo Melo - 85.63
3. Slash Bierbrodt - 81.34
4. Douglas Cust - 81.21
5. Alving Astacio - 80.55

1. Jimmie Valentine - 94.82
2. Vasco Sojo - 94.67
3. Desi Colon - 91.89