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Friday, November 1, 2013

Free Agency Day 3

Big money day!

1. Maicer Bennett SP, Charlotte, 5 years $90 million
Analysis  - Holy cow! This might be the record contract for a player yet to throw an ML inning. It just goes to show you what a rarity he was - only 24 and still improving. He should deliver an ERA around 4.00 and a WHIP around 1.35, good but not ace stuff.

2. Eugene Millwood, SP, Montreal, 5 years $50 million with a mutual option.
Analysis - Not bad value, but still a bunch on money for an SP that won't be an ace. He is young, though, and will produce many, many quality innings.

3. Timothy Bryant, 3B, Santa Fe, 5 years $84.9 million with a player option
Analysis - Not good enough defensively for SS, Bryant is an ideal 3B. Career .292 average with an OPS of .848

4. Gregory Stevenson, 2B, Chicago (AL), 5 years $47.5 million with  a $10 million bonus.
Analysis - A good glove at 2B, Stevenson crushes LHPs. Career average of .261 and OPS of .818 reflective of relatively weak vs RHPs.

5. Frank Zhang, SP, Montreal, 5 years $77 million with a mutual option
Analysis - Montreal finishes its spending spree with another expensive SP. Zhang is a better pitcher than Millwood, and only a year older. he should produce for the duration of the contract

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free Agency Day 2

Day Two sees some battles won, but the big money deals come in Day 3.

1. Manny Ramsey SP, Richmond, 5 years $33.7 million
Analysis - Ramsey is the owner of 145 wins and a 3.91 ERA and is only 33 years old. He has shown a slight ratings drop, but with good budgeting, he could be productive at the top of the rotation for 3-4 seasons.

2. Lee Crosby RF, Chicago (AL), 5 years $39.3 million with a $3.5 million bonus
Analysis - Only 28, Crosby was sure to be one of the highest paid FA's. He is good, but does not play a skill position and owns a career OPS of only .773. However, you can plug him into the line-up and forget him for 162 games due to his excellent durability and health. His ratings are better than his production, could be a candidate for a breakout season.

3. Pedro Maduro, SP, San Francisco, 4 years $26 million
Analysis - 34 but an owner of very good intangibles, Maduro can man down a #3 SP spot for the duration of the contract. The problem is that he doesn't do well vs RHB's, not to mention that is owns a career ERA close to 5.

4. Eugene Holmes LF, Houston, 5 years $34.1 million with a 500k bonus.
Analysis - The bonus must have been what did it! A power hitter with an average HR track record, Holmes is another plug and forget player. Not an ideal RF but can play in a pinch, he is a solid #5 hitter that could rebound from a sub-par season.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Free Agency Day 1

Day one of free agency is typically when guys that only have one offer pull the trigger. That. or one team significantly outbids the others.

1. Rafael Escobar -  San Francisco, 4 years, $29.6 million
Analysis - Defensively a COF or marginal 2B, Escobar is a career .281 hitter with an OPS just above .800. Only 31, Escobar should maintain his average production for the duration of the contract. Power is not his game and he has an excellent make-up rating.

2. Bernie Pena - Burlington, 2 years, $11 million with a no-trade
Analysis - This is, in essence, a one year deal for a very, very good RP. 150 wins and a career ERA of 3.45

3. Brant Riggan Charlotte, 5 years $40 million - A whole lotta' cash for a 36 year old SP. This will be a good deal for years 1 and 2, with years 3-5 prviding little bang for the buck.

4. Rickey Frank - Colorado Springs, 3 years, $19.5 million - This guy is a rarity in this game - an elite defensive SS with an above average bat. Only 29 and an owner of good durability and health, this should be a very good deal for Colorado Springs.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013