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Monday, March 6, 2017

Season Seven Top Free Agents - Position Players

Maddie's Team Management, created by a Hardball Dynasty user some time ago,  is an excel spreadsheet that aims to rank pitchers and players based on their ratings in the related categories. I don't think you can find it available anymore, but I have kept a copy and use it quite a bit in the draft and free agency. It's not perfect (does not evaluate baserunning, for instance), but is nevertheless a good guide.

For position players, the spreadsheet measures batting, fielding, and overall ratings. Without further ado, here are the top FA's in each category:


The spreadsheet analyzes the current ratings and spits out a blended score. A score of 100 or above indicates an All-Star level player, 90-100 indicates an above average ML player, 80-90 indicates a replacement level player, and anything less is AAA. The overall rating is comprised of the batting rating plus the fielding rating, with fielding comprising roughly 25%. For reference, here are the ratings for last year's MVP's:

NL - Yunesky Benitez - 107.16
AL - Napoleon Starr - 103.35

This year's Top FA's, based on overall rating, are as follows:

1. Matthew Pacheco - 106.1
2. Chuck Truman - 105.23
3. Napoleon Starr - 103.35
4. Carlos Aramboles - 102.67
5. Paul Hudson - 101.34


The spreadsheet has a column that analyzes just the offensive prowess of a player. Much like overall rating, there is a scale; over 70 is all star, over 63 above average, over 60 average, and below 60 below average/AAA. Here are last year's Silver Slugger LF's, for your reference:
NL - Yunesky Benitez - 83.25
AL - Jacob Butera - 84.41

This year's Top FA sluggers as follows:
1. Napoleon Starr  - 85.75
2. Matthew Pacheco  - 79.93
3. Matthew Faulkner - 76.3
4. Magglio Delgado - 74.86
5. Yunesky Osuna - 74.77


.As you would expect, SS's are rated the highest.  Rating categories as follows: gold glove more than 35, above average 30-35, replacement level  25-30, AAA level below 25. Last year's golden glove SS's, for your reference:

NL - Rafael Nieves - 38.29
AL - Von Walters - 39.94

Top FA Gloves
1. Curt Fleming - 38.32
2. Nolan Chatwood - 37.77
3. Jose Bennett - 37.34
4. Max Baerga - 36.92
5. Dee Lombard - 36.79

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